Price and what to expect


You should obviously aim to look like yourself on a good day. Hair, make-up and what you wear should just look fine but not pull focus. I can fix spots or bags under your eyes etc, so don’t consider postponing if you have a blemish. Otherwise there is no need to think too much in advance. Just try to arrive feeling confident, relaxed and open. Having looked at your current photos on Spotlight before you arrive, I will have a good idea of what I think you need from the session.


It’s fine to enhance but ideally you should look like you are not wearing make-up for the majority of shots, so keep it minimal for most of the session. If it is apparent that you are wearing a lot of make-up, you are showing that this is not necessarily what you look like in real life and defeat the main purpose of having the photos taken.


For most people, having hair done before the session is not necessary. It can look too neat and you might want to do different things with your hair throughout the session anyway. So just not too neat or too scruffy. There will be time for women to curl or straighten hair, etc and men can arrive unshaven and shave during the session so you have both looks covered.


I think darker, solid, colours tend to work best. Bring a few options, varied neck lines but not all too wide or low so that we still see some of the top and allow it to frame your face, even in the tighter crops. Maybe a casual jacket and a smarter one if you like. Some shots in a shirt and jacket with and without a tie on might be useful to include if a corporate/ business look is of use to you.

The Session – in central London

The session is friendly and relaxed with no time limit and using natural light through the windows and also outdoors. There is a bathroom to change in and adjust hair etc. Shooting in digital format means that I can take an unlimited number of shots and viewing them on a TV monitor as we go along ensures that the contact sheets are made up of photos that you have already decided that you like. We will spend as much time as we need to get a plenty of good main shot options, but also genuinely contrasting shots that show a useful range of looks and ensure that you are able to take full advantage of the opportunity that the Spotlight folio offers. I never book in more than two people per day, so sessions are never rushed.

I know what works

I trained at RADA as an actor, I have directed and produced and for the last twenty years I have been working successfully as a casting director, mainly in film and TV. This gives me a clear understanding of what works when it comes to actors head shots. I know that a good photo can work well for you and that a bad photo can work against you.

Contact sheets

All photos will be cropped to either 10 x 8 and other Spotlight dimensions, including landscape and will be emailed to you and your agent the same day, in a high resolution jpeg format, so that you will be able to zoom in on each photo and still see a clear image.

Final selection

I will ensure that you go away with plenty of good options for a main shot, but also a number of shots for the Spotlight portfolio that show your range and provide you with an appropriate photo for any submission. Photoshop work is done on five photos of your choice (additional shots are just £10 each). There will be at least two different crops of each photo.  I will then send the whole session to you on a USB memory stick.  This will include all photos taken at the session as high resolution images.   I will email the final retouched shots for approval before posting the USB, which is included in the above price.

Industry recognition

I am recommended to clients by numerous agents, including the top agencies and drama schools. A substantial amount of actors have already been back for their second or third sessions.

Please have a look at my testimonials to see what my clients say.


If you like my photos, you can be assured that you will get some that are as good or better.

If you have any questions or would like to book a session, please get in touch via the contact me page or email me at

There is another Carl Proctor taking a very different kind of photo in California.  Please don’t mix us up!

Excellent headshot session. Carl was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. The session was not rushed at all, helpful advice was given and the images were viewed there and then on a TV monitor.  Highly recommend!
Louise Green


The great thing about Carl is that he really cares about helping you get the best results. I came away with fantastic actors headshots and a game plan for my career!
Angela Nesi